Friday, June 05, 2015

Ruby Sue's Cincinnati Baby Blessing

At the end of April, our family drove out to Cincinnati for Ruby's baby blessing. (Well, at least most of us did. Brooklyn headed the other direction to Valentine, Nebraska to go camping with her Junior troop at Smith Falls.) The car ride was long, but definitely worth the journey.  Here's Annika meeting her cousin for the first time.  In case you can't tell, I'm pretty smitten with my niece as well.  :)

Baby Ruby was such a content little soul that we had plenty of opportunities to visit and play while she snoozed.  Here we are admiring the monarch butterfly exhibit at Cincinnati's botanical gardens. 
Kara, Annie, Brianna, and Christy
Grandpa Charles, Justin, and Eli
Eli looks thrilled to be carried in his Grandpa's arms.

Grandma Susie, Christy, and Talia hold perfectly still in hopes that a butterfly will land on their colorful catchers.

I spy some butterflies!

In the end, the kids found it easier to land on a butterfly rather than wait for the butterflies to land on them.

Time for a cousin pose!  Ruby doesn't seem quite certain about being held by Annika.


Annika was smitten by her baby doll cousin.  Love at first sight for us all!

Amazing hosts even with a newborn in the house, Brianna and Justin whipped up some delicious Vietnamese sandwiches.  Gosh, did it bring back amazing memories from my days as a missionary!

Meanwhile, Christy baked a tantalizing strawberry-rhubarb pie.  The lattice top was nearly too pretty to eat.

And just for kicks, here's Annika modeling the new undies that Grandma Susie gave Eli. 

As long as we're thinking of Sunday, Ruby Sue was blessed by her father in their home on Sunday, April 25th.  It was such a special, beautiful occasion!  I got to hold the pretty princess for a while.  :)

One more snuggle.  I miss that newborn stage.

Swapping babies.  Here's Brianna with our Annie Mae.

"So, Ruby Sue, what's the meaning of life?"  "Hmm, gonna have to think about that for a while.  Maybe I'll ask my awesome parents."

Justin and Brianna with all the happy cousins.  Talk about a full house!

Gilding the Lily, as Papa Kay would say.

Hey, I know this handsome man!  Glad he married me, or I'd never have met the rest of the amazing Wheeler clan.  (Glad for so many other reasons as well...)

Speaking of the clan, here we are.  From left to right: Charles, Susie, Eli, Justin, Ruby, Brianna, Talia, Kara, Ben, Annika, and Christy.  Lance and Brooklyn--we missed you!  We also missed Brianna's parents who are currently presiding over the Manchester, New Hampshire mission.

Swapping places with Jason.

Another photo of the happy family.

Three generations.

As much as we enjoyed our visit to Cincinnati over Christmas, it was even more delightful getting to know this gem of a city in Spring.  We especially enjoyed the parks, whether right around the corner...

...or atop one of the city's seven hills.  Here's Christy carrying our sleepy Annie through one of these beautiful public spaces.

Speaking of sleep, it's time for me to get some shut eye.

'Cause before you know it, a cute little voice will be ringing in my ear: wake up!


Susie said...

Sweet, sweet memories! That seems so long ago for some reason but these pictures brought the weekend and fun times back to mind. Wow, has Ruby changed since then! Thanks for sharing :)

Callie said...

YAY!!! I've been waiting and waiting for you to post pictures with little Baby Ruby! So, so, so cute. What a great family. (Love the Sunday undies and snuggly music quillow, too.)