Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Glad I Did It Once...

I'm glad I did it once.  Being a Brownie Girl Scout leader, that is.  The experience was challenging, rewarding, and exhausting all at the same time.  The decision to give up my post was not easily made, but this year life became so chaotic that I've felt a deep need to make some significant changes to simplify for the good of the entire family.

Even so, it's fun to look back and remember.  Here's Talia and her friend Elena at World Thinking Day.  This year the girls presented about Costa Rica, making ox cart wheels and exploding a baking soda volcano.

Talia and Elena model the Samurai hats they made at Japan's booth.

Both Talia and Brooklyn collaborated with community artists to create projects for this year's ArtVenture.  Here are Talia and Adelle creating their pottery handprints.

The final result:

Johanna watches as they pour wax into a mold for her candle.

Here's Talia with another amazing project she helped create for the auction.

And here's Brooklyn with the fused glass pendant and night light she made.

She told us that the red rock mountains of St. George were her inspiration.

Brooklyn with her other collaborative art piece, made from textiles they dyed.

A photo of the entire troop at a yard clean-up through Keep Omaha Beautiful.  All in all, we had 12 enthusiastic second-grade cuties.

During one troop meeting, we had a yoga instructor come and teach the girls some poses for relaxation.  Such fun!

A child's pose.  Ah, my favorite!

Can you manage the balancing stick?  Looks like Talia and her friends have it.

Lily and West take some time for play.

Kelly teaches the girls how to make glitter bottles.

Talia, LaShauna, and Johanna, relaxed and focused.

Where can you go for archery, crafts, fun, and more?  Try Camp Maha.  Here's Brooklyn with the bow and arrow.

Shooting on her own.

Talia takes aim.

Adelle the archer.

Here's our Junior Aide, Brooklyn, making a wind charm.

Talia and West are all smiles.

Elena looks pretty happy too... does, Johanna.

Plenty of beads to choose from.

Nadia and her mom.

Troop 42707 gathers for a photo.

Time for a silly one too!

I love how Camp Maha is situated right on the Platte river.  All these years in Omaha, and this was the first time I'd ever visited the property.

Brownie moms, Metta, Julie, and Juana.

Julie and Elena.

Kelly and Lily grab a bite of dinner.

Last but not least, Talia enjoys a s'more.  The best of camp, all in a day!

Gosh, reliving our Brownie year through these pictures makes me even more melancholy to give it up.  Perhaps I should continue as a leader next year after all?  Very tempting....but in the end I think it's not the best choice for our family.  Talia is going to join up with Brooklyn and the Girl Scout troops at Jefferson Elementary so we can contain Girl Scouts to one night a week.  As for myself, I'm going to use the extra time to hunt down my sanity.

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Anonymous said...

Since I'm anonymous, I'll bravely share my somewhat biased, but 62 year-old, informed opinion on the value of introducing children to a variety of wholesome activities during their tender years. I honestly believe Kara and Jason, have done, and are doing, this exceptionally well -- largely because TV time is very limited in the Wheeler home. Brooklyn, Talia, Eli and Annie are all blessed by these creative, active, friendly and cooperative excursions and experiences. This blog is full of cataloging the high-points of such adventures. It is somewhat exhausting to merely read about them, let alone plan and implement them. Keep following the inspired path you are on, and your family will continue to thrive in ways that really matter. Oh, and "keep smiling"!