Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quote Board Clean-Up

Before heading to bed tonight, I am determined to get something done.  Of course something, whatever it is, can only happen when someone is asleep in her crib.  Otherwise, it's hopeless.

Tonight's "something" consists of emptying our white board of quotes so that I can fill it with more practical tidbits like "Buy aluminum foil."  Riveting.

Here's what it says now.
  • "Hug!"  This quote is Annika's.  Last month while we were walking through JC Penneys, she had to stop and hug every single mannequin.  While it may have taken us half an hour to get across the store, some moments are too precious to rush.
  • Setting: A conversation about trees, thanks to a thematic unit in Eli's preschool. 
    • Kara: "You know who knows a lot about trees?  Your Grandpa Charles."
    • Eli:  (Wide-eyed in amazement.)  "Did he go to tree preschool too?"
  • Eli (After several weeks of Jason working insane hours):  "Is Daddy's project done?  Does that mean he can come home every day now?"  I guess when Dad goes to work before you get up and comes home after you're in bed, you might not realize he was ever there at all.
  • Eli (talking about his bedtime story):  "Mom, I didn't just read you a story, I read you to sleep!"
  • Eli-isms:  Sit at the calendar = sit at the counter; make constructions = give instructions
  • Jason (talking to the 10 year-old son of a family from Spain we'd invited for dinner):  "Quieres quitar la mesa?"  Intended translation:  Would you like to get up from the table?  Actual translation:  Would you like to clear the table?  You should have seen the boy's eyes get wide as he contemplated the loaded table.  He started to shake his head no, but changed his answer to a resigned "sí" when his Mom caught his eye and gave him the look.  Some languages are universal.  Fortunately, we caught the mistake and he was freed to play with the rest of the munchkins.
And just for kicks, here's a transcription of an e-mail I sent Jason at yesterday morning:

Hi love,
Where did you say you saw my cell phone?  I wanted to call and tell you all about how Annie opened up a box of Mac N Cheese and spread the noodles *and the cheese sauce* all over the carpet while I was cleaning up Cities and Knights.


Thirty minutes later I added to the message:

While I was vacuuming the cheese sauce, she smeared half a bottle of conditioner all over her head.  Think I'm gonna cry.  It's only 10 am.

Today she's kept me equally busy.  She was the very first person to gift a solid to our brand-new toilet (good), but also the first to tinkle all over our new tile floor (less good.)  At least life's never dull.


Glenda said...

She is like a baby Cheetah. I wish I could say it gets better but here at almost four Cheetah is still a baby handful. Never before have I had a kid that is this "curious". J says it is blessing but right now it just feels like a big mess ;)

Susie said...

I love how you keep track of the cute sayings your children have created. You will always treasure those. And hang in there--Annika will outgrow this phase. Someday she will be a teenager instead! Sometimes I would tell myself "this is a learning experience." I just wasn't sure who was learning what!

Brittney Richards said...

Sounds like Zabien. Those 2 are going to cause all kinds of mischief when they get together this july. Yikes! Hope we can handle it.