Sunday, May 03, 2015

Happy Memories: The Best Painkiller Around

It's 2:00 am in the morning, and I'm awake for the absolute lamest reason ever. 

I got a shot (pneumonoccocal immunization) and my arm hurts.

Like, really hurts.  Like, it's been more than 48 hours and tonight I finally broke down and bawled like a baby because I'm tired of it hurting so much that I can't sleep.  (Not that I could have slept last night anyway--Annika has an ear infection.  Fortunately she's feeling better.  Unfortunately, I'm not.  Sigh.)

Ok, enough whining.  Let's look on the bright side: this is a great chance to catch up on missed photos.  Just don't expect any coherence.  It is, after all, 2:08 in the morning.

The Best Guests:
Peek-a-boo.  Can you  spot who came for a visit at the beginning of February?

Aunt Christy! It was so wonderful to spend time with this amazing aunt and enjoy her delicious cooking.   A coast to coast gal, Christy graduates in May with her PhD from NYU and will start a post-doc at Harvey Mudd in California in the fall.  We are so proud of her!  My only regret?  I didn't take more pictures.

Backtracking into the depths of winter, you'll notice that my daughters are bookworms, no matter what the weather. 

When the weather gets chilly, this is the favorite roost in our home--right above a toasty heat vent.

A less-desirable winter chore is this: thawing the pipes with a blow dryer so that the dishwasher will run.  Do you like Talia's crazy hair?

 Of course, Annika's hairy madness is stiff competition.

Crafty Projects
In February Eli learned about clothes in preschool...

...and trains.

His absolute favorite thing to draw, or talk about, or pretend about, or read about, or dream about, however, was Star Wars.  Jason introduced the kids and the obsession has continued ever since.  Eli's been banned from talking any more about a Star Wars birthday party until July.  The kids made this sign with salt, glue, and food coloring at the Children's museum.

One unexpected benefit of the Star Wars fetish is that it makes Eli extremely eager to accompany me to "Spanish Chat Club" each week, taught by our friend Maestra Julia.  On most weeks, he's managed to find a Star Wars book to take home during the book give-away.

Brooklyn's Star Wars obsession closely matches Eli's.  As part of a studio art project for Girl Scouts, she dyed some cloth and hand beaded it to represent different star systems in the galaxy.  Below we have the project, the map, and the key to all the stars.

Of course, she drew some other cute things as well.  I liked these sibling "recipes"  that I found tucked away in a drawer.

Eli may contain a "pinch of annoying," but at least he's filled with "a gallon of love."

 A Great Day with Papa K:  The Durham Museum
At the beginning of March, we spent a great day at Omaha's Durham Museum in the old train station.

Our munchkins hang out with one of the museum's permanent visitors.

 Going for a ride in the trolley car.

Impish Annika Mae, trying to escape from her Papa K.

Down the stairs...

...and freedom!

Talia explores the science behind pistons and gears.

I don't have any photos, but we saw a great exhibit highlighting many of Katharine Hepburn's iconic dresses.  Afterwards, it was time to hit the soda fountain for some refreshment.

 An adorable granddaddy-granddaughter date.

Sliding in the Sun
As if the Durham weren't enough fun, we then headed outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.  Here's Talia, looking a bit terrified on her way down the giant slides.

Whee, that was fun!

 Brooklyn and Annika take a turn.  Gotta love action shots.  :)

Papa K and Eli playing with the pinwheels grandpa brought.

Brooklyn and her Bubba.

Even though the day was warm, the creek was still frozen.  The Canadian geese cracked me up as they kept switching from one leg to the other so their webbed feet wouldn't get too cold.

Back at home with great memories and a pinwheel memento to accompany.

And now, achy arm or not, good night.


Tanja said...

Hope you'll feel better soon.
Thank you for continuing of posting pictures through all these years :) ... I love looking at them and I thought that the house-make-over was so funny ... I guess, not when you are in the middle of doing it but ... hopefully in 10 years :)
Miss you and wishing you the best. Tanja

Callie said...

I’m so sorry you’re hurting - but I’m not so secretly loving the blog catch up. Such fun and creativity.

Susie said...

Love the pictures. The recipes for "Talia" and "Eli" are so creative and just delightful!

Ben S said...

She looks so gleeful in that "escaping" picture!