Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lauritzen Legos

Last Saturday we went to the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens and saw...

...snakes!  (Lego snakes, that is.)

The botanical gardens are currently featuring an awesome lego exhibit.  I'm not certain Talia ever made it past the free play area to actually look at the sculptures.

Had she glanced around, she would have noticed this rather incredible hummingbird...

Or maybe this monarch butterfly.

Here's one beautiful flower that will bloom forever.

Lovely as the lego sculptures were (and they really were fantastic), I enjoyed playing with our kids just as much.  Talia and Eli built a rather extensive doggy enclosure.

Woof, woof!

Making the wall a little higher, just in case those naughty puppies try to escape.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn, Jason and I attempted a knock-off from Tangled.

Jason our Ironchef, both in and out of the kitchen.

Annika was the official ragamuffin.  (Believe it or not, we really do brush our baby's hair--I promise!)

Trying a new strategy to contain the hair (and body as well.)

Oh no, Brooklyn's been consumed by her own creation!

Sure wish Papa Kay could come to the rescue, but unfortunately there's no one around but this strange guy with a mustache.

Keep smiling!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jason, your "Frying Pan" lego creation looks like a tennis racket with a defective, flat tennis ball - maybe. However, I hasten to add that your frying pan is a much better imitation of the real thing than is the photo of the dolt with silver hair, who is attempting to sport a black mustache. ... What some guys will do to get attention - quite pathetic actually. I need a tic - tac.

Julie L said...

Hey, I like that frying pan, which looks amazingly like a frying pan to these aging eyes! Fun place to visit. I love that you have such an awesome indoor place to go to. Our only gardens indoor around here is a tiny one at Thanksgiving Point off of the emporium. Really miss the plants in the winter. The legos - oh, wow. So glad you shared this with us!