Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Best Gift of Christmas: A Tiny Babe (Eila Kay's Baby Blessing)

Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a delightful holiday with family and friends.  Ours has been lovely.  I'll share more later, but we drove to Cincinnati where we are spending the week with Jason's parents and siblings.  Such fun!

We just finished a delicious ham dinner and the house is relatively quiet as the kids play with Legos.  I thought I'd seize the moments to post some photos from earlier in December when Callie, Adam, Eila, and Zoe all flew out from Washington for a visit.  After all, what better way to spend Christmas than contemplating a beautiful new babe.

Brooklyn and Baby Eila.  I think Callie and Adam are superheroes, braving the flight with both a newborn and a pug.
Eli, Talia, Zoe, and Annie Mae
Eli loves the pug kisses!

Papa Kay reads Eli a story from his favorite chair.

Talia is always happiest with a puppy in her arms.

Annika, Brooklyn, and Zoe--all color-coordinated.

Hey, I never even noticed that even Jason's socks keep up the black and red color scheme!  Here's Jason, Talia, and the sweetest niece.
The Wilhoits arrived late in the afternoon on Sunday, December 7th.  Eila Kay was blessed by her Papa Kay in the Andrus home later that evening.  There is something so special and intimate about a baby blessing at home, especially since this is the home Callie grew up in.  Doesn't seem like that long ago when Eli was blessed in the very same place.
Adam, Callie, and their baby girl.

Eila wore the blessing dress that NomiAnn made ten years ago for Brooklyn. At the time, I'm sure she never imagined that it would grace four granddaughters (and counting.)

Three generations of love.  From left to right:  Cathy Ann, Callie Helene, Adam Fenn, Kay LeGrand, with baby  Eila Kay.

Adam slips out of the frame for this picture.  Papa K looks a bit forlorn to be left as the lone man.

NomiAnn and Papa Kay with all of their grandkids.  Eli says, oh no!  Too many girls!

Aunt Kara, Uncle Jason, and Cousin Talia are sure smitten with Eila.

Brooklyn is a fantastic little mama.  She really has a remarkable gift with babes.  Our only complaint is that she finds it hard to share.  :)

One final picture of the cousins.  Such a lovely day!

And now, time to check back in with today's family.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Merry Christmas to all the Wheelers who have assembled!