Sunday, December 07, 2014

Thanksgiving and Legoland

Thanksgiving 2014 was simple but great.  Since NomiAnn was in Seattle babying Eila, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house and invited Papa K.

Here's Brooklyn putting the finishing touches on the turkey place settings that our munchkins invented.

The longer we live in our home, the more I love it.

Jason baked a fantastic apple pie.

Uh oh!  Papa K's ruining Annika's appetite with--you guessed it--a tic tac.  :)

The rest of the spread joins our buffet table.  Yummy!  Now can anyone tell me how to keep it all piping hot?

Bon appetit!

Eli's certainly enjoying his food!

Papa K amazed us all by contributing an enormous frog eye salad.  Let's just say that no one went hungry!  And may I also add that my kids were still sad when the leftovers were all gone because they liked it so much.

Talia organized our after-dinner table conversation by making these THANKS poems out yarn where we wrote things that helped us feel grateful.
Out of all the thanksgiving thanks, Papa K received the most enthusiastic cheers of gratitude when he announced that he would be taking the whole lot of us to Legoland in Kansas City the next morning.  I don't know who was more excited, Jason or the kids.

Annika climbs in a Lego truck outside before we head in.

Looks like Talia needs some rescue!

I'm 128 duplos tall.  How about you?

This Lego jester looks a bit scared, don't you think?

Only Jason noticed how the figurine was so frightened that he wet his pants!

Papa K missed NomiAnn so much that he ran off with another gal.
Talia, on the other hand, ran off with a scuba diver.

The Kansas City models were absolutely incredible!

Anybody interested in a career as a master builder?

This guy sure wouldn't complain.  He was in absolute heaven with such an enormous lego pit at his fingertips.  (Eli liked it too.)
Well done, master architect!

Papa Kay, thanks so much for the lovely trip to Legoland!  We sure are grateful for you--not just on Thanksgiving, but all year round.


kwilliams said...

Thanks so much for sharing your cute family. I love the fun sparkly excitement of watching them grow.

The Favorite said...

We are so thankful for all of you!