Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Parenthood Purse

Today I flew all by myself somewhere for the first time in over a decade.  (More details coming!)  Unloading my purse/diaper bag was kind of a surreal experience.  Out went the diapers, out went the wipes, out went the hairties, the crayons, the board books, the finger puppets, the spare outfit, and the sippy cup.  By the time I was all finished, my purse was completely empty with the exception of my wallet, cell phone, and some chapstick.

For a moment I stood there quite dazed.  Space for myself?  I had no idea what to do with it.  Over the years I've become so accustomed to worrying about the munchkins' needs that my own have been crowded out.  Slowly, I started adding in a few personal items: a journal, an iPod, some pleasure reading, and a pack of blank thank yous.  As I did so, I reminded myself that I won't always fill my purse with diapers.  This stage of life, intense as it may be, is still fleeting.  In moments when I feel like I have completely lost myself to motherhood, may I remember that some day there will be room in life's purse for other things.

The very last thing I did before leaving was to repack the wet wipes.  After all, once you've discovered something great, there's no going back.

Love and hugs to all my great ones.  My purse is rich because of you.

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Anonymous said...

Since I'm anonymous I'll volunteer that Jason and Papa K have survived, and sometimes thrived, all day Tues., and nearly 1/2 day Wed. fairly well w/o Mommy Kara. (Of course the most challenging munchkin is in Hyde Park, UT ... Thank You Suzie!; I suspect you will not have time to read this blog post until after little tornado Annika is retrieved by her Mom on Saturday).

Milkweed, enjoy helping out Eggnog with new baby Eila ... but come back ready to help me find the matches to kids socks and gloves, etc. I'm also not overly confident in your kitchen -- but did ok with cold cereal and eggs this morning. Jason and I are still working very full career days (using slightly altered, carefully coordinated,schedules) but I think it is safe to say we look forward to the mommy glue returning ASAP. -- DO NOT get any wild ideas about running off to Forks, WA after some vampire, and not returning! -- P.S. Jason is a pretty good cello tuner -- he even plays primary songs (sortof - and certainly many times better than Papa K.) Bye, Bye.