Monday, November 24, 2014

Talia's Birthday and Baptism

So within the past two weeks, we've driven to New York, shipped Annika off on a plane to Utah, and sent me to Seattle.  Fortunately we were all united in Omaha for a few days in between because something very important happened.  Our Talia Lily turned eight!

Since Talia's real birthday party was the Harry Potter celebration in October, we limited ourselves to a simple family get-together.  We all went to watch Big Hero 6 in the morning, ate tamales for lunch, and played in the afternoon.  Here's Eli, crowning our birthday gal before she opened presents.

Even though Talia wasn't supposed to get any new presents from Mom and Dad, I salvaged this doll house from a street corner where it was waiting with the trash.

The best present of all, however, was having Grandpa Charles and Grandma Susie fly in for the celebration.  Here are Charles and Jason carrying the doll house all the way up to its new attic home.

As special as her birthday was, the following day was even more significant: on November 16th, Talia was baptized.  The dress she is wearing, made by her NomiAnn, has become a family heirloom.  Thus far it's been the baptismal dress for two sister sets: Kara & Callie and Brooklyn & Talia.  I'm guessing Eli will choose to break the tradition...

Cheerful despite the bitterly cold weather, we explained to Talia that God blanketed the whole city in white in honor of her baptism.  :)

Here are Brooklyn and Talia smiling at the picture Jason drew for the cover of her baptismal program.

Speaking of Daddy Jason, here he is dressed in white, all ready to baptize and confirm his special little girl.

Even though the photo quality isn't great, but I love the adoring look in Jason's face in this picture.  You can tell he's just so proud of Talia and the great choices she's making.

Despite a relatively small turnout on this frigid day, Talia's baptismal program was very special.  NomiAnn offered an opening prayer, Brooklyn gave a talk on baptism, Papa K and Eli sang "I am a Child of God," Grandma Susie spoke about the gift of the Holy Ghost, Sister Emma Beck (the Primary president) and Bishop Tomoser welcomed Talia, and Grandpa Charles gave the closing prayer.  Talk about being surrounded by those who love you!

Before we knew it, it was time to enjoy cheesecake and brownies before bundling up to head home.  Here's Grandma Susie getting Annie ready to go (a foreshadowing of things to come.)

And one more picture of Talia with her Wheeler grandparents.

Talia Lily, we're so very proud of you and the covenants you've made to follow Jesus.  You already have such a generous heart and sincere desire to serve others.  May this gift continue to be magnified, spreading happiness and joy now and for always.  We love you!


Tanja said...

Congratulations - Herzlichen Gratulation to Talia ... for her birthday and for her baptism ... she looked already so grown-up in the pictures ... unbelievable :) I always love to look at your pictures and see the children grow and making the right choices ... the parents too :) I'm also very happy for the newest member of the "Andrus" family and I'm also sorry for your lost ... through this blog - you have the feeling that you got a glimpse of the wonderful man that was your Uncle.
I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving - surrounded by your loved-ones and thank you so much for sharing your life and thoughts in this blog. Danke schön.
May the Lord bless you. Tanja

Julie L said...

Talia looks so beautiful in that white dress. What a sweet heritage! It's so great to be 8! Congratulations, Talia, on your baptism!

Brittney Richards said...

Congratulations tailia on your baptism. I can't believe you are old enough to get baptized. I remember seeing you when you were just 2 days old. Don't know if you remember, but you used to sneak out of your house and come over to mine to get a Popsicle at least twice a day. Good memories! Stay beautiful!