Friday, February 28, 2014


Papa K picked the girls up from school the other day so that I could take Eli to violin, and was bombarded with the following notes.  Persuasive writing at its finest.

Talia's note was slightly more subtle.  I like how she changed "You are the best grampa ever" to "You are one of the best grampas ever!"  She's definitely got the butter-em-up-first strategy down since her request is hidden in the P.S. at the bottom.

As you probably guessed, their writing was effective.  Papa K was ambushed, and spent the evening watching his granddaughters waste his hard-earned money on tokens and cheap trinkets, all while devouring the worst pizza imaginable.  In other words, it was perfect.  

Thanks, Papa K.  Whether near or far, we really do have the best grandparents ever. 


Anonymous said...

Has Papa K totally lost his principles and backbone? How could he allow two young girls, ages 7 and 9, to influence him so? I am rather sure Papa K, did weigh his options for at least 5 seconds before capitulating to the young colluders! Life is good and full of surprises.

Justin said...

Sneaky! Well played girls, well played.

Jason said...

Grandparents were clearly contrived for the express purpose of being snugly wrapped 'round little girls' fingers.