Sunday, January 05, 2014

Because today's a good day for a laugh...

We were so sad to put Aunt Callie and Zoe on a plane yesterday after several lovely weeks together. We will miss them both, although I dare say Talia will miss Zoe the most. She proved her puppy love again and again by volunteering to take Zoe for walks, no matter how frigid the weather. As for Zoe, she will most likely pine for Annika, a pug's best friend, thanks to Annika's newest pastime--purposefully knocking the food off her tray for Zoe to devour.

Here are a few photos of the partners in crime:

Say, baby, I'm hungry and you look rather tasty.

Mind if I have a lick?  You've got a little extra sweet potato on your face.

Mmmm, peas are tasty too.

You're better than a chicken wing!

And oh yes, to top it off, a nice long lick of armpit.  My favorite!
Keep smiling!


Julie L said...

Thanks for the smiles!!!!!

Callie said...

Zoe misses all of the Wheeler/Andrus/Wells crew! She may be entering a state of Puggy Depression - but it's hard to tell since she hasn't really opened her eyes for more than five minutes at a time since returning to the Northwest. Thanks for the fun pictures - a good reminder to smile as we get set for a new year!

Anonymous said...

All three animate objects seem very happy in these photos!

Erin Gibbons said...