Monday, June 10, 2013

Justin and Brianna: Ready to Adopt

So I've been messing around with our blog layout again--a somewhat frustrating endeavour that quickly ingests large chunks of time. What I really need is Jason so that he can take a new family photo and work his photoshop magic. Soon, soon.

Early this morning I felt a jolt of creative inspiration for our blog description involving milk, noses, and scoring points. Then about an hour later it dawned on me that I may have plagiarized. I can't figure out where from, but I'm thinking it came from the Whackerforth clan. (The "Whackerforths" are a rare breed of intermarrying Wheelers, Spackmans, and Rushforths, characterized primarily by their passion for languages, international travel, and fine food.) So drop me a line if I stole your wit, or better yet, help me come up with another pithy phrase. 

Bit I digress. The REAL motivation behind our blog makeover is found in the sidebar.  Justin and Brianna, my brother and sister-in-law, are looking to adopt.  They just finished their home visit and have been approved by the courts, so they are officially ready!

It's hard to say enough positive about Brianna and Justin.  Brianna is super cute and creative.  Check out the snuggly tag blankie that she made Annika.  Annie loves it!

And Justin?  Well, this fun-loving, marathon-runnning, nephew-tossing uncle doubles as a doctor in a children's hospital.  What more could you ask for?

So be sure to check out their awesome blog,, and spread the word.  Judging by how much their nieces and nephews adore them, Brianna and Justin will be amazing parents.


Justin and Brianna said...

Thanks for the post! Nothing like a little toddler tossing to tug at the old heart strings...haha!

Julie L said...

Love the progress you're making with this new format. And I really love the large photos! Thanks for taking pity on those of us with aging eyes :)

Shaun R. said...

I believe points for milk coming out of the nose comes from the Spackman tradition, but your using it on your blog clearly demonstrates how these three families' cultures and traditions have blended and influenced each other over time.

Erin said...

Shaun is correct! I'm Erin, and I approve this message!