Saturday, February 09, 2013

Random Sights

Nothing like some random photos to fill in the details about every-day life.

Eli and Jason have become partners in crime with their LEGO escapades. Normally Jason's pretty good about getting out the door to work, but when Eli begs him to play LEGOS first, forty-five minutes fly by in a jiffy.
Here are the girls in the gorgeous dresses that Aunt Christy picked up for them in Mexico. They're beautiful--thank you!
An adorable plant that a neighbor brought to celebrate Annika's birth. We have been SO spoiled with meals, flowers, playdates, blankets, and more. As a fourth child, Annika may not have had a formal baby shower before her arrival, but she's certainly been showered with attention since.
Annika's very favorite place to sleep is propped up in the corner of the couch. Of course, occasionally she topples. (Just for the record, her least favorite place to sleep is in her cradle. And her least favorite time to sleep is at night...)
Oh, look who found her fingers!

With that much hair, shampooing's a must...even if it doesn't make me popular.

Ahh, that's better.
I'm certain there must be a logical explanation as to why we came upstairs and discovered this...
But I'm not sure what it would be. And I certainly can't explain this.
So what random sights have been discovered in your house lately?


Hugh said...

That bathroom shot will be great blackmail someday.

Julie L said...

Hahaha - my random sites are definitely not as fun as yours! Annika looks so much like her siblings. Shouldn't be surprised. That hair is amazing.

Tiffany said...

Clarissa and Clayton have always talked about sharing the potty like that when they both have to go, but they have yet to try it. But apparently it works!

Anonymous said...

I've heard that two heads are better than one. However, two on a head is very questionable. Keep smiling!

Brittney Richards said...

I can't get over how much hair that girl has. Cute, Cute, Cute kids@

Susie said...

Lots of fun moments at your house. Thanks for sharing the most hilarious, also!

grandma H said...

What fun shots!You must take your camera with you wherever you go!