Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lick Wash Miracles

Even though we ventured out to Lick Wash directly from our Butch Cassidy 10K, the experience was remarkable enough to deserve its own post.

Lick Wash is stunning, but in the middle of nowhere. We drove all through Zion National Park, through Kanab, up Johnson's Canyon, and many lone miles along the dusty Skutumpah road before finally reaching the trailhead. Evening was approaching by the time we finally began our hike, but the scenery was worth it.
While not technically difficult (at least when dry), this little-known wash is certainly magnificent.
The Wheeler grandparents with the grandbabes.
Talia found the perfect spot to start a leaf war, tackling Grandpa Charles first.
Attacking her little brother.
Even the camera was not immune from her assault.
Eli joins in the excitement.

Susie finally rescues her husband.
While I suppose that the rugged canyon and weathered outcroppings and changing leaves were the greatest miracle, our family experienced a personal miracle on a much smaller scale that rivals Mother Nature's glory. It began with a key.

A single key, half buried in the dust, that looked so remarkably like a Honda Odyssey car key that we finally realized that it was our car key. Apparently it had fallen out of Jason's pocket on our journey into the canyon and we never even knew it was gone. We feel so remarkably blessed to have noticed it on the return. The wash at this spot was so wide that we easily could have traveled any other number of routes. Compared to the grandeur of our surroundings, this key was so miniscule that it really was miraculous that we spotted it.
With night quickly approaching, it's hard to imagine what might have happened had we not found the key. As mentioned earlier, we were completely isolated, the only ones at the trail head, and far out of cell service. The desert weather was quickly turning cooler, and Talia was just hours away from coming down with the stomach flu. Cold, hungry, sick, and stranded--our beautiful day could have had a very unfortunate ending. Instead, we were granted the warmth and safety of our own beds and a faith-building story to go along with it. And so, while some may scoff at personal anecdotes, for our family, the Lick Wash key is sure evidence of a divine, protecting hand watching over us.


Anonymous said...

“It's a lot easier to be lost than found. It's the reason we're always searching and rarely discovered--so many locks not enough keys.”
― Sarah Dessen, Lock and Key

What a faith promoting story! I couldn't agree more -- You were all very, very blessed. So, please try to make it a practice to carry a spare, or extra, key in some sort of hide-a-key, or better alternative, solution whenever you venture out to remote locations like Lick Wash.

Erin Gibbons said...

I love that story! It sounds like it was a huge blessing when you think of how dangerous or bad it could have been. What a faith-strengthening tender mercy! It must be because you're such a faith-filled, wonderful family!

Julie L said...

That is definitely a miracle! I will add that to my list of faith promoting stories. Thank you so much for sharing it! That Dessen quote is so appropriate, too.

Wow. And wow that even after you saw the key, you took the time to pick it up and look closer. How many of us would have just passed it by?

Great photos and great fun, and definitely great miracles!

Crys said...

So blessed!!!!

Kes LT said...

In first picture Eli looks like Moses!

Tanja said...

I showed the picture of the terrain to my host family and they only said wow! Yes, it is a miracle that you found the keys. Thank you for sharing.

Tanja said...

I showed the picture of the terrain to my host family and they only said wow! Yes, it is a miracle that you found the keys. Thank you for sharing.