Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Butch Cassidy 2012

This past Saturday morning Jason and I could be found once again in the beautiful town of Springdale, anxiously awaiting the start of the annual Butch Cassidy 5K/10K race.
While there were certainly many similarities with last year's race, there were some major differences as well. For one thing, it didn't snow. We also didn't have to push all of the kiddos in jogging strollers--many thanks to Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles.
Before the race started, Charles, Susie, and the kids rode the shuttle up to the finish line in the ghost town of Grafton. In no time at all, Jason came flying by. He finished in an amazing 40:25--his fastest 10K ever, taking fourth place overall and second in his age group.
Way to go, Daddy!
It took another quarter hour before I showed up at 56:41. But hey, this was still a 10K PR for me, and I am carrying a bit extra. In fact, I think that since baby is two thirds baked, my finishing time should reflect this additional load. Adjust for my "handicap" and I broke the tape in a little over 34 minutes, winning the entire race. Go me!
Charles caught this picture of Jason and I smooching at the finish line. (Blush blush.) Considering how sweaty and smelly we both were, this is definitely evidence of true love.
And a couple of pictures from the awards ceremony. Pictured at left is Tracy Dutson, Jason's co-worker, friend, and fellow running aficionado.
And here's Jason receiving his medal.
Needless to say, the kids were so proud.
Even though running may take time and even a bit of extra money, I'm grateful that our family is embracing this tradition. A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I drove up the bluff to play at a park so that we could cheer Dad as he ran by. As Jason headed back, the girls excitedly joined him, running alongside for nearly two miles as I drove slowly behind. As a mother, it was such a tender moment watching those I love most trot along together, illuminated by the minivan's headlamps.

Now, the munchkins are eager to "train" with Dad more often so they will be prepared for the next Butch Cassidy 5K.
And so Grafton, farewell until next year!


On a personal note: This 10K was great motivation for me to keep running through my second trimester (with approval from my midwife, of course.) As my belly grows, however, I've wondered how long I can realistically keep this up. Since my lower back had started to hurt after some of my longer runs, I rather expected this race to be my last--at least for a while. Now that the run is over, however, I'm not as sure. The baby and I handled the distance really well, without so much as a twinge in my back. (Well, at least not until the long car ride home, but that's a different complaint.) I know that at some point I'll have to call it quits for running, but with the weather still beautiful here in St. George, I'm tempted to say: not yet.


Julie L said...

You totally amaze me! The Lick Wash was AFTER this????? Man, I would have been just crashed for the rest of the day!

Congratulations Jason on your great time! and Kara, definitely, you should have had a DIAMOND (better than gold) for even competing, let alone doing as well as you did!

Brittney Richards said... always I am impressed. You should definitely win the whole race. Who else can say that they ran with 1 2/3 of a person. Way to Go....

When I was pregnant with Eliza, I was still running 5 days before delivery. This time around it is completely different. I can't really exercise at all - it just hurts way too much. With baby's current position, walking around the block takes some serious effort. Besides that, he is sitting so low, I'm afraid a run would put me in labor (something to keep in mind as D-day gets closer)

Yeah Kara!! (Oh and Jason... 40 minutes for a 10K is pretty darn impressive)

Tanja said...

Congratulations to both of you :) I just hope that your name for your daughter right now is not 326 :) I admire you guess very much for what you do and thank you for sharing with us!!!

Ben said...

"amazing 40:25" :-0

"56:41." This is a *very* respectable time for a pregnant woman of your, um, leg length. Props! Carry on!