Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Goodest Giggles

Kids. They are messy, sticky, and extremely noisy. They cramp our social lives, complicate our schedules, break our budgets, and are generally quite demanding. So why do we even keep them around? I suspect it's because they make us chuckle. Chez les Wheelers, life may be wild and crazy, but it's always amusing. Here are some of our most recent giggles, courtesy of Talia.

Talia and Brooklyn are discussing how Dad is taller than Mom, even though Mom is older than Dad. Suddenly Talia comes up with the perfect explanation for this conundrum: "I know why Dad's taller. It's because his head is so pointy." (Followed by frantic gesturing of a cone shape rising from one's head.)

A few days later, Talia says, "Mom, you have a mold on your face." Hmmm. I guess my mole needs washing.

Later that morning, I was instructed by Talia: "Don't put my brains up!" I was starting the futile attempt to tame her bangs, but I certainly had no intention of messing with her brains.

And of course, there are the priceless tender moments, such as when Brooklyn and Talia spontaneously started to list the virtues of attending church while riding in the back of the car one day. Talia pretty well summed it up when she said:

"I like going to Primary because I want to be good, and going to church makes you be gooder."

Talia Lily, you are so good. And since the magic of four passes so quickly, may I always remember that the dirty feet, mismatched clothes, backward shoes, and candy-coated face make you just that much gooder.

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Susie said...

LOVE the comments you've shared. Reminds us of when we were backing out to leave last month when Talia chased after us and said "Don't come again so long!" which was promptly followed by a little bit of a confused look and then her explanation of "Come back soon!" Kids bring so much joy in spite of the frustrating moments :)