Sunday, November 20, 2011

Diggin' Away

Just in case you were looking for Jason yesterday, despite being home, he was hard to find.

Instead of savoring the beautiful weather by hiking the local canyons, Jason spent his Saturday replacing the last of the old water main in the hopes of warding off any more catastrophes.

Eli joins in the digging--two shovels is always better than one.

Despite all the work, Jason still smiled. What a guy!

Thanks, cutie.


Julie L said...

Huge project. Surprised your home has had so many problems with water, especially given the dry place you live in and the newness of the home. Impressed Jason, with all your hard work! Definitely hope it helps.

Chou said...

Wow. That is one big hole.

candice said...

How nice to have a handy man for a husband! Sorry for all the water problems! HOpefully this will do the trick.

Norma said...

Love the pictures! That's such an adorable picture of Eli slaving by his dad! You're a great photographer Kara! Love ya!