Friday, January 07, 2011

MAIL!!! (Sung with great enthusiasm, like in Blue's Clues.)

Is there anything in the world as fun as mail? (Junk mail and bills excluded, of course.) Even as a grown-up, I get so excited to discover a hand-addressed envelope with my name on it. And a package? Oh, the joy!

Well, the holidays have brought some fabulous packages to our home. A couple days ago, our seventy year-old postman rang the doorbell and handed me a box with a great big smile on his face. "Mrs. Wheeler? This is for you!" He seemed just as excited to be delivering registered mail all the way from Lithuania as I was to receive it.

Our Lithuanian friends sent the cutest package with beautiful wooden ornaments, European chocolate bars, homemade cookies, and a card with pictures of their adorable little girls. I meant to take a photo of the cookies--they were so pretty!--but I'm afraid that they were equally tasty and disappeared quickly. Still, we had so much fun opening their package around our fireplace and dreaming of the day when our children will meet. Thanks, Kes and Lina!

Lucky us, we received another package from the absolute opposite side of the globe. Aunt Callie and Uncle Adam spoiled us with a box exploding with surprises all the way from New Zealand.

Thanks so much for the cutest book ever, "The Wonky Donky!" The authentic Christmas crackers were also a definite hit, each filled with a paper crown, plastic toy, and a joke that only my father could love. :)

What took my breath away, however, was the gorgeous afghan. After nearly eight years of lovingly knitting away, Callie actually finished our engagement/wedding gift. We LOVE it!

Jason waited, oh, about two whole minutes before putting together his lego car. :) Definitely a hit. As for the kids? Not surprisingly, they dug straight into the popcorn balls. Thanks, Adam and Callie! While we miss having you here, kiwi mail is definitely cool.


Anonymous said...

Terrific post ... But did the tic-tac package from "nearby" arrive as well?

Uncle A and Aunt C said...

YOU'RE WELCOME - or simply "ta" as they say here.
We love surprising you - so the blessings go all around. It requires very careful restraint not to scoop up everything adoreable and send a shipping container once a month for all of our thinking of your family. You are LOVED!