Monday, March 16, 2009

Mousely Invasions

This past week, we have been delighted to have Jason's family come and visit. While we didn't stress too much about getting the house in perfect shape before they came, I did make a valiant effort to pick up and do some basic cleaning.

Imagine my horror, then, when I came home late after work on Thursday and learned that a mouse had run out from underneath the couch when Jason's Mom was making it into a bed. A less wonderful mother-in-law might never forgive such a horrific welcome. Fortunately, mine is very forgiving with a good sense of humor.

A note to any future guests: while up until this point we haven't had any troubles with animal invaders (we hardly ever see even a flea or a spider), we make no guarantees, as there is always a first time. Murphy's Law apparently dictates that the unfortunate victim just may happen to be you! :)

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Mom L said...

I love it! I'm not sure I could've thought of a better way to say welcome to France! Are French mice, as depicted in the movies, culinary geniuses? :) - Aunt Julie