Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sewn with Love

Everyone who comes into this world leaves behind a unique stamp--the special something that people will remember them by, even after they are gone. For Jason, I imagine this will be his artwork and designs. His mother and sister create remarkable meals. My own sister is creating a legacy of music. My father is known for his quotations and morsels of "Food for Thought." (I, on the other hand, may quite possibly be remembered for the astounding number of pens that I have destroyed by my unfortunate habit of chewing them--Hopefully I will someday write something of value in the process...)

This blogpost, however, is dedicated to my mother's legacy--her incredible sewing. Some of my very earliest memories of my mother are watching her work on a project late at night, the kerosene heater nestled close by. For my Mom, sewing is therapeutic--an act of creation where her close and careful attention to detail has marvelous results. My sister and I often joke about how Mom's sewing is as pretty inside as it is out!

For my Mom, sewing is love put into action. On many occasions, people have wanted to pay my mother to do a project for them. Oftentimes she will agree to do it as a friend, but never for money. It is impossible for those who haven't watched my Mom work to understand the amount of time and detail she puts into each step, making her work essentially priceless. Since she wouldn't feel right charging people as much as her sewing is worth, she sews out of love.

Well, Mom loves us a lot. It's been hard to have her grandbabies all the way across the ocean, so she has channeled this love and energy into sewing instead. I thought I would take a moment to share the bounteous projects that she unveiled this holiday.

Christmas Stockings:

Nativity Costumes:

Baby Doll Clothes (complete with matching booties):

Snuggly blankies to wrap those babies in:

Snuggly hat and gloves:

Matching penguin vests: (I asked Brooklyn to give Talia a hug in the second pic... Careful what you ask for!)

And last but not least, a gorgeous birthday dress with a matching dress for baby:

Regrettably, I never availed myself of the opportunity to learn to sew from the hands of a master. I can hardly hem my own pants (disastrous for someone who fibs about being five feet.) In my defense, I did help iron the butterflies and ribbon on Brooklyn's new Build-a-Bear.

NomiAnn and Brooklyn, however, handled the sewing.

I smile to think that this talent may be carried on after all in the next generation. Thanks, Mom.


Tanja said...

Your Mom is amazing!!! She is pure talent ... you are blessed with such a great Mom.

Talyn said...

I remember sitting at your baby shower with my mouth hanging open in amazement at the beautiful things your mom had made. She is so talented!

Justin said...

Your mom has "mad skeelz" on the sewing machine! Speaking of legacies, I think Jason's alternative legacy could be the impressive number of yogurts he has consumed (in case the artwork gig doesn't work out for some reason).

Jackie said...

Wow! I am extremely impressed! Looks like someone really misses those grandkids! The work is amazing but when you think of all the time she must have put in... I'm in awe! How wonderful!

Bruce Richards said...

Brooklyn's dress is very pretty!