Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Brooklyn: Give me some juice.
Mom: What do you say?
Brooklyn (annoyed): Please.
Mom: Put it in a sentence.
Brooklyn: No, put it in a sippy cup.

Mom: Guess what, Brooklyn?
Brooklyn: What?
Mom: I love you!
Brooklyn: Can we go to McDonalds?

A conversation overheard on the playground between Brooklyn's friend and her Mom:
Friend: Brooklyn's trying to trick me!
Friend's Mom: What happened?
Friend: Brooklyn told me that her tummy's hard, but it's really soft and squishy.

What can I say? She comes by it honestly. :)


Summer said...

Never stop blogging. I love your clever and witty entries.

Kes LT said...

European part of the world strongly agrees with the previous opinion!!!

chou said...

:) :) :( I can't believe I'm moving and leaving this.

runnermonkey said...

Ha!ha! My favorite is her milking your love for all its worth by trying to get some McNuggets out of you. Classic.

jennyb said...

That sippy cup comment was so funny I just laughed out loud. What a practical little soul.

Jackie said...

Oh! I hope she doesn't lose the cute commentary! Maybe she be making you laugh in French soon enough right?