Friday, January 05, 2018


Jason's in Atlanta, so I'm on my own tonight.  If he was hoping for respite from winter, the poor guy must be disappointed.  The high in Salt Lake should be around 45 degrees tomorrow, but Georgia is predicting 36.  Brrr!

When Jason leaves town, I am often uber-productive, finishing up projects to take my mind off his absence.  Today, not so much, unless you count sorting legos by color to find the missing pieces to our Tangled set.  Once the munchkins were in bed, I topped off the evening by leaving the dishes in the sink and heading to a friend's house for Craft Night (more accurately, a gab fest.)  And so, before calling it a night, I thought I could toss up a few photos.  You know, to justify the day's work, or lack thereof.

In early December, we discovered the Christkindlmarkt at This Is The Place Heritage Park.  Brianna had heard about the event, and invited us to all to join their family there.  It was especially perfect since Charles and Susie happened to be visiting Salt Lake.

I have to say, I was super impressed by the market.  It felt very authentic and brought back all sorts of happy memories about the Christmas I spent in Austria as an exchange student.  I left craving both Weisswurst and the German language.

This Raclette booth certainly reminded us of France as well.

Here are Annie and Ruby, listening to the choirs sing.

Brooklyn decides to take Ruby for a ride.

Annika had the chance to tell St. Nikolaus what she wanted for Christmas--a stuffed snake.

Santa seemed to find that pretty amusing.

We even found the Andrus Halfway House and Farm, run by Milo Andrus's wife, Lucy Tuttle.

Eli smiles in the home of his great-great-great-grandfather. Tinsel, anyone?

Who knew a stove could possess so much charm and character?  Even so, I prefer the convenience of my modern kitchen.

Last but not least, a quick trip in Santa's sleigh.

Brianna, thanks for introducing us to this marvelous Christkindlmarkt, and Jason, schlaf wohl, mein Liebster.  Du bist mir einen Kuss schuldig.


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Anonymous said...

Glad you had this fun experience. I’ve never officially visited the Andrus Half-way House. However, as a great- grandson of Milo, it would be a good idea. Thanks for your good examples!

Tanja said...

schlaf wohl, mein Liebchen. (Schlaf wohl, mein Liebster - male)
Du bist mir einen Kuss schuldig. (Perfect!!!)
Thank you for keeping the blog alive and soooo interesting.
I wish you a wonderful winter season. So far we have spring weather here - but next week the winter comes back with minus degress. Brrrr ;)