Monday, August 07, 2017

All About Annie

I have an entire folder on my desktop labelled Annika.  Whenever I come across crazy pictures that make me smile, I dump them there.  I hope they make you chuckle as well.

Meet Annie Mae: the coolest four year-old around.

Annika dresses up.

Future scientist.

Or perhaps an exotic dancer.

She insisted on wearing this ladybug costume to see the fireworks on the 4th of July.  Because why wouldn't she?

Doesn't everyone pull out their snow pants in the middle of summer?

She may be a monkey, but we love our little princess.

On any given day, she is likely to change into at least three different "swimsoups."  With so many wardrobe changes, it's easy to get turned around.

Occasionally her bottoms suffer the same fate.  But hey, cute shorts!

Annika and her long hair.

Annika and her crazy hair.

Annika loses that hair.

Annie loves scissors.  Inspired by her haircut, Annika has a current fascination with scissors.  Concerned about what she will cut inside the house, we regularly send her outside to cut the grass.

Annika also loves books.  The librarian in Papa Kay would be proud.

No better place to read.

Annika really loves her stuffed animal friends.  She sleeps with at least a dozen every night.

She throws them parties.

She feeds them Babybel cheese and swedish fish.

She even makes them all leashes so she can take them on walks.

But what Annika really really loves are bugs.  She spends hours outside playing with her "friends." If you ask her if our family has a pet, she will tell you all about our pet worm.  We had a pet roly poly, but it stopped moving after Annika gave it a bath.  Lately I've been trying very hard to convince her not to pet spiders.

Most importantly, after ever so much adventure, Annika sleeps.

Good night, sweet girl.  We love you!


Anonymous said...

Annika Mae is currently my favorite 4 year old on this entire planet, and beyond. She is an untamed, beautiful, curious, joyful, bundle of energy. Her antics change from time to time, but her eternally delightful, free-spirited, essence never wanes.

Julie L said...

Delightful post! Thanks.

Jason said...

Thank heavens for the camo pants accompanying all those exotic dance outfits!