Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pomp and Circumstance Addendum

Warning: even if you know us and like us, this post is pretty boring.  Scroll at your own risk.


So how in the world could I post about pomp and circumstance and forget the awards?  Probably because we don't make a big deal about awards around our house.  We try to encourage creativity and hard work, letting any recognitions fall where they may.  Which, for the most part, was at the bottom of a big paper pile in the back of the closet.

Moving, however, finally forced me to go through the pile.  Since we couldn't move everything with us, lots of treasures got photographed instead.  So without any further adieu...the awards.

Brooklyn in 5th Grade:  (Note the Harry Potter: Destination London project.  It was admittedly awesome, particularly thanks to some great organizational guidance from NomiAnn.)

Brooklyn in Fourth Grade...

...and Brooklyn in Third Grade.

Oh, and let's not forget Brooklyn's Keen Detective award for solving her Girl Scout murder mystery.  Out of all the awards shown, this was the only one she asked me to save.  :)

Next up we've got Talia in Third Grade:

Talia in Second...

...and Talia in First Grade.

Next up, it's Mr. Eli with a kindergarten award and a self-portrait of his graduation.

And now, some of Eli's kindergarten artwork.  On the left, the hatching of a butterfly, and on the right, an animal in honor of their class field trip to the zoo.

Talia made a similar life cycle wheel in second grade.

Looks like kindergarten was busy in science class, learning new vocabulary like "brote"--sprout.

Eli's goals for the summer: go to the beach (check), go to pizza machine (check), and move (coming soon.)

And last but not least, his favorite kindergarten writings: Star Wars and baseball.

One of my very favorite things about Crestridge is how the students focus on three countries every year, learning all about their different cultures, traditions, customs, economies, etc.  I think this international focus provides such an important context for the languages they study.  Anyway, here are a few of the countries our kids have studied:



Egypt, Germany, and many, many more.

Okay, so even though learning about all these countries is cool, I have to admit that I've bored myself silly with this post.  Let's all hope that I can hurry and get caught up with this blog before any more pomp and circumstance is forced upon us.

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