Monday, March 21, 2016

Winter Photo Shoot

While the Andrus/Wilhoit/Wheeler families were all gathered at Christmas time, we invited one of my Mom's IB students to join us for half an hour at Elmwood Park to shoot some family pictures. All in all, I thought they turned out pretty nicely. I think it's hilarious how my big kids have these perfect smiles plastered on their faces all the way through. You can tell they'd been heavily bribed with promises of hot chocolate and pie in return for their modeling.

Kids all look pretty good, but NomiAnn's eyes are closed and both Papa Kay and Jason appear to be talking.

Look up, Jason, look up!

Annika and Eila don't appear to be all that amused, but otherwise this one seems like a winner.

Papa Kay is practicing his reflective gaze into the distance.

Uh oh, now it's my turn to look away, plus Adam's wide-mouthed.

Papa Kay, what's up with all the gabbing?  (Anybody notice how the bottom three are all still smiling perfectly.)

A new angle--success!  Just for the record, from top to bottom we have the anonymous Kay LeGrand Andrus, Eila Kay Wilhoit, Adam Fenn Wilhoit, Jason Wayne Wheeler, Annika Mae Wheeler, Cathy Ann Andrus, Callie Helene Wilhoit, Kara McCall Wheeler, Brooklyn McCall Wheeler, Talia Lily Wheeler, and Eli Jameson Wheeler.  Whew!  What a crew.

Taking a moment to repose.  (Aren't I punny?)

Candid shots are so much more interesting anyway.

There's kind of an Anonymous grimace going on, but then again Annie Mae doesn't seem that happy either. Lovin' the monkey hat, Eila.

Crowd shuffle.

Fun times in motion.

Eila is definitely done!  Given all the conjunctivitis, she was a great sport.

NomiAnn's turn for goofball shot.  Brooklyn, Talia, and Eli still look good though.  Man, they must have wanted that hot chocolate!

And a few shots of our immediate family.  Too bad Annika was totally done by this point as well.

Smiles all around.

So grateful for family.

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

We were very fortunate to get these "winter photos" since it rarely snows here in Omaha!(?) In fact, today will be very nice, with a high of 75 degrees; tomorrow the forecast calls for 1 to 2 inches of snow ... but it may not stick -- please do not change your travel plans Callico.

Also ... I may now need to enroll in the "family witness protection program" since Kara blew my cover by preceding my full name with the word "anonymous".

Callie said...

The blooper reel is always the best! I’d totally forgotten that I meant to blog those pics, too - but now feel quite comfortable just enjoying yours. Can’t wait to see you in three days!