Thursday, October 02, 2014


The past couple of weeks, I've spent an awful lot of time thinking about this:
Omaha's Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Well, maybe I haven't been thinking about the bridge itself so much as the Girl Scout Bridging ceremony that took place there yesterday evening.  Despite some ominous weather forecasts, the sun came out and we enjoyed an absolutely lovely evening.  Here are some of the girls, eagerly waiting to become Brownies.

Playing "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar" as we wait for our last guests to arrive.

As you can see, the bridge spans all the way across the Missouri into Iowa.

Color guard, advance.

Post the colors.

Getting ready to recite the Girl Scout Promise.

Our candle ceremony for the Girl Scout Law.

Since Brooklyn didn't have a troop last year, she joined the Daisies as she "flew up" to Juniors.  Here she is receiving her Summit award and Brownie wings.  Congratulations, Brooklyn!

Here's Papa K with Annika.  It was so great to have my parents' help and support.

Once our beginning ceremony was over, we all marched across the bridge to Iowa.  Here is the Twizzler rainbow bridge I gave the girls in honor of the occasion.  Simple and cute.  Thank you, Pinterest.

Halfway across the bridge, the girls switched to their new vests as a symbol of their entrance into the next level of Girl Scouting.
Brooklyn and Talia, the newest Junior and Brownie Scouts.

We made it to Iowa just in time to watch a gorgeous sunset and see a spectacular panorama of the city.  It was the first time many of the families had seen Omaha from this side of the bridge, so I'm grateful the weather was ideal.

With this major milestone behind us, it's time to focus on planning the next family adventure: Talia and Brooklyn's Harry Potter Birthday Party!

Let's just say I'll be spending a good deal of time cutting out Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Bean boxes during this General Conference weekend.

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Julie L said...

Terrific birthday idea! Loved the rainbow Twizzlers. And, wow! what a big bridge! You are such a busy woman and get so much done, I am very very impressed!