Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

We recently opened up our egg carton...
...and discovered that minions had taken over!

Our own little minions took over NomiAnn and Papa Kay's backyard for an Easter egg hunt.

Annie's first hunt.

She preferred taking the eggs out of her basket instead of putting them in.

Eli's certainly turned into a quick bunny...

...but his big sister Talia is still a bit quicker.

After reaching her own egg quota, Brooklyn enjoyed helping her siblings search.

There always seems to be one egg that gets lost for good.

Maybe Annika has it?

"Hey, don't ask me!  I really have no idea what's going on here."

Back on the home front we pulled out the Easter egg dye.
Brooklyn contemplates her next design.

Ooh, the colors are always so pretty!

And now for Easter morning!
Aw, what a cute little bunny!
When Brooklyn and Talia noticed how Annie's pajamas made a great costume, they decided to dress up as well.

Naturally Eli wanted in on the excitement as well.

Just had to point out the nail polish.  Hey, at least it's blue!

This baby bunny certainly has something to say!


And now for a more subdued after-church photo shoot.  Just in case you are lamenting how our life is so calm and perfect, let me assure you that all of the drama getting between here and there left me practically in tears.  Thankfully I have a forgiving husband who loves me even when I am an ornery mama bunny.  Anyway, here are our cherubs at their finest.
I confess, I totally bribed them with a malt chocolate Easter egg in exchange for their cooperation.

I may have even threatened that they wouldn't get any bunny cake if they didn't smile...

But hey, the results were worth it.  :)

Our three princesses.

Mom and Dad join in the picture.  Oh, what a wonderful Wheeler world!

Just kidding.  Annika decided she'd had enough.

But hey, life is lovely with Easter dresses from Papa K and matching bows created by NomiAnn.  Thank you!

 We arrived back home to a rather shocking sight.  Our Easter buns had been left to rise on the counter for what appeared to be many moons!

At last, it's time for our Easter feast.  With two new front teeth for nibbling, this Talia bunny is ready to dine.
Happy Easter!


Brittney Richards said...

Love, love, love those Easter outfits. The pictures turned out so great.

Callie said...

HOORAY! Happy Easter! Thanks for delivering these pics for our own Easter hunting enjoyment. Love you lots!

Julie L said...

Love the minions!!!! Looks like an absolutely fabulous weekend. (I may have copied your family photo into my family history files. Great pictures!)

Unknown said...

Would have loved to have been there! You left me laughing pretty hard with those hilarious, darling pictures of Annika in her Easter attire--ears and all! How did the rolls taste? Light and fluffy, I bet!

Susie said...

Sorry. I replied under a different google account. Hopefully I'm not unknown!