Saturday, December 07, 2013

California Dreamin'

Baby, it's cold outside!  Negative one fahrenheit--that's minus eighteen in celsius.  Brrrr!  Now seems like a pretty good time to recollect warmer days, like our October trip to Sea World.  At long last, here are a few photos.  If the weather happens to be just as frigid where you are, perhaps you can console yourself with some warm thoughts.

For the past two years, our family has dreamed of a destination when making New Year's resolutions.  In 2012 we visited the Grand Canyon.  In 2013, the votes were split.  Daddy thought we should see the Statue of Liberty; the kids wanted to go to Sea World.  After our New York adventures over the summer, I figured that Jason's dream had prevailed.  However, when the chance to go to California came up at the last moment, we got the best of both worlds.  Because Jason was helping with the Solar Decathlon in Irvine, we were able to share his hotel room and travel expenses.  The Sea World tickets were our responsibility, but well worth it to see our children's dreams come true.

Despite the fact that the drive was even longer from Hyde Park, Grandma Susie joined us for the weekend.  We were so happy to have her along!  What do you thing she and Eli are looking at?
Dolphins!  My children were positively ecstatic.  That's Brooklyn in the pink hat--I think she was able to pet the dolphin at least three times.  Thanks to Susie for taking this picture.  I forgot in my personal excitement about petting one myself.  They're surprisingly rubbery.

The Manta roller coaster was also a great hit.  Brooklyn and Talia are riding three rows up from the back.  Talia hid her head the entire time, then begged to ride again.

Eli preferred petting the actual rays.  If you put your hands in the water, the bull rays will swim up and try to slurp your fingers like a vacuum, hoping that you have food for them.  Unlike the dolphins, the rays are quite slimy.

Eli, just as proud as can be for having actually touched one.

Next stop, the One Ocean Shamu show.  These whales are amazing!

Uh oh!  Looks like the girls are in the Soak Zone.  Talia's in the blue bucket hat.

Pleasing the crowds.

Eli enjoyed the Sesame Street Bay of Play while the girls waited for some rides.

Jason and Annika experience the Shark Encounter.

Watch out!  This shark is headed for your reflection, Brooklyn!
Talia preferred Turtle Reef.

Brooklyn's smiling wide after discovering that you can trick or treat throughout the whole month of October at Sea World.

A favorite picture:  Brooklyn, Jason, Annika, Grandma Susie, Talia, and Eli.
The star attraction?  Sea lions--quite an entertaining show.

As amazing as all of the animals were, Jason's very favorite attraction was the pre-show entertainment for the Sea Lions--this goofy guy named Biff.  I've included a picture just 'cause I know it will make him smile.

We squeezed an awful lot into one day.  Besides everything pictured, we experienced the Blue Horizons dolphin show, Madagascar, Journey to Atlantis, and Shipwreck Rapids.  Even so, we wished we had more time.  Guess we'll just have to come back when Annika's old enough to appreciate it!

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Susie said...

Loved it! Thanks for inviting me to join in on the trip with you. Good memories.