Friday, November 29, 2013

November Silliness

So I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving--we certainly did.

Yesterday I meant to post a few fun photos as a way of saying thank you and we love you to all who are far away.  Sorry it never happened--turkey can do that to you.  Good news is that we're just as grateful for each of you today.
Annika likes splashing so much that everyone fights over who gets to bathe with her.  I guess Talia-Monster won this time.

Hey, Talia cleans up pretty well!

I was pretty happy with this fancy schmancy hairdo for the Primary Program (round 2 with a new congregation.)  The braid looks complicated, but was really very fast and easy.

We had to make sure she was well-groomed to compensate for the huge bruise, compliments of wrestling with her sister by the fireplace.

We decided Annika's hair was long enough for rollers.

Annika decided that eating breakfast wears her out.

The van decided to quit working--again.  But Eli decided the SpongeBob tow truck was super cool.

Carrying the shoes upstairs seems fairly straightforward, but Talia manages to put a fashionable twist on the most mundane tasks.

Last but not least, Annika decided that she likes the new dishwasher almost as much as we do.

Barring a we're-all-out-of-diapers-emergency, you won't find me in any stores today.  Good luck to all of you courageous Black Friday shoppers, though.  You're braver than I...


Crys said...

Oh my goodness, that hair is gorgeous!

Susie said...

Love the shoe tree, Talia! Thanks for the fun November Silliness pictures and post. Love you all!

Makinzee Loveridge said...

where did you find out how to do that braid I love it! have you heard the old wives tale of putting butter on head wounds? heals them without bruising. I promise try it next time and youre kids will ask for butter instead of a bandaid when they get hurt!