Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I should be folding laundry...  Or cleaning the kitchen...  Or organizing the kids' hair ties...  Or doing finances...  Or at the very least heading to bed.  But, I'm procrastinating.  Has anyone else noticed how the later it gets, the more likely you are to waste time doing things you ought not?  But may you at least enjoy the fruits of my inability to focus.

Last Saturday we visited the Tonaquint Nature Center.  All seemed quiet...
Until you took a closer look at the trees.
Brooklyn and Talia spent all day monkeying around, thanks to their "Wild About Animals" Girl Scout Day Camp.  They had a fantastic time!
Back at home, we discovered that Eli's super-short hair can still collect some major static on the trampoline.
Brooklyn helps Eli off the tramp.
Usually the last off the trampoline, Talia surprised us by being first at the dinner table.  She couldn't wait to tear into her beer can chicken (well, Diet Coke to be precise.  We don't have much in the way of Bud Light hanging around.) 
Happy carnivore.
Finally, the mop of hair otherwise known as Annika, having fallen sound asleep in her Bumbo.  By the way, in case you were wondering, if you put a Bumbo on your stovetop and turn on the wrong burner, it will melt.  Not good.  I can't really explain why the Bumbo was on the stovetop in the first place.  In fact, I probably shouldn't even have the Bumbo on the tabletop, like it is in the picture.  Still, I'm happy to report that at least the baby wasn't in the smoldering stovetop Bumbo.  See, I'm not such a bad mother after all.
Well, there you have it--the highlights of our weekend.  Stay tuned for more fun next weekend when Jason flies into St. George and promptly helps us make the twenty hour drive to Omaha.  Fun times, folks, fun times.  :)

Think I'd better head to bed.


Julie L said...

Hahaha, that mop of hair is absolutely adorable! And thanks for clarifying that she was not in the bumbo on the stove. Glad you get some vacation time with your hubby coming up!

The kids are all doing wonderful, and you are a terrific mom!

Heather said...

We head to Omaha May 31st...hopefully arriving on the 2nd and moving in on the 3rd. We should really make a point of getting together...sooner rather than later since we will have until the 10th to get settled!

Anonymous said...

Sure glad Annika was not in the Bumbo left on the hot stove ... could've disaster!

Jason said...

Hmm, I've been wondering who this "anonymous" character is for the last seven years, but I do believe that terrible joke has finally revealed the perpetrator... Kay!

Anonymous said...

Well ... There is more than one anonymous in the world you know... I think I'll merely follow the courageous/cowardly path blazed recently by Ms. Lois Lerner of our beloved IRS, "I refuse to answer, based upon my 5th amendment right forbidding self-incrimination." That said, I still think Annika's wild hair is adorable as she sits in her scorched Bumbo. Keep smiling!

Susie said...

Looks like you had a fun, wonderful weekend. Everything looks so green, pretty and summerlike! Love the Bumbo story and the mop of hair shot!