Monday, January 14, 2013

Because We Say We Won't Forget...

Here's a random collection of kid quotes that I recently came across while organizing the house. Because as much as we say we'll never forget, all too quickly, we do.

  • "I'm really drinky." (Instead of thirsty.)
  • "I did that lesterday." (Lesterday can mean any time in the past three months.)
  • "My head hurts..." (When that doesn't solicit an adequate reaction, he adds:) "And my toe."
  • "Fruit snacks, crackers, apples..." (Eli "reading" the grocery list upside down. Apparently he didn't want me to forget the things highest on his priority list.)
  • Meditation!  (A while back, we tried to institute a 20 second interval of quiet meditation between the chaos of getting everyone seated at the dinner table and the blessing upon the food.  While it is helpful to bring the energy level down and get everyone focused, Eli somehow missed the purpose completely.  He thinks that if he's the first one to say the word "Meditation," he automatically gets "dibs" on the dinner prayer.  If somebody else blesses the food, he immediately breaks into wails: "But I say meditation!" )
  • "Your little sweetie got hurt!" (Referring to herself.)
  • "It's a good thing you brought extra clothes in case Eli blows up." (I think she meant blows out.)
  • "You put milk in oatmeal to cold it up."
  • "Do we have another mopper?"
  • Me: "We're having Brazilian rice for dinner." Talia: "Bazillion rice? That's a lot of rice."
  • "NEMFOTIA." (Every night during dinner, Talia finally slows down long enough to realize that she has to use the bathroom--at which point she sprints from the table and hollers "NEMFOTIA!"--meaning, Nobody Eat My Food Or Throw It Away.)
  • (After overhearing Jason and I in the midst of a private conversation about how trade schools are an appropriate alternative to higher education for some, Talia runs up the stairs, puts her face so close to Jason's that their foreheads touch, and adamantly demands:) "I'm going to college!"
I know Brooklyn still says plenty of cute things too--I just need to do a better job of jotting them down.  Now if I could only remember where I set my pen...


Kes LT said...

Love it!

Crys said...

I love this! It makes me want to set resolutions!

Ben said...

Totally adapting NEMFOTIA!

Brian and Tonya said...

What cuties. I love hearing the cute things that come out of kids mouths. Eric's sympathy plea is "my tummy hurts" because one day I had to stop playing with him due to braxton hicks and said that my tummy hurt. It's so cute.

Brittney Richards said...

I love NEMFOTIA. How in the world did she figure that one out. Too cute!! Like every member of your darling family.

Susie said...

Love the comments. Makes me smile. BIG smiles!

Julie L said...

So I read the resolution one and totally missed this one. What a darling post! You keep writing those precious things down. What a fun insight into those great little minds.