Sunday, June 03, 2012

Love of a Pug

I have SO many pictures of Memorial Day camping that I want to share with you. But instead of spending the next hour blogging, I suppose I ought to be responsible and get the kids up and ready for church.

As a consolation, I'll go ahead and upload our favorite pug pictures early. Even though Callie and Adam are still in the realm of the kiwis and dwarves, we felt connected through Zoe. As you can tell, all of the kids were delighted to see her, particularly Tally.

So even though she never begs, it's obvious to see that Talia would LOVE to have a dog. She is just filled with so much love and emotion that she longs to share. So what do you do if as a parent, something would be good for your child but not for you? Even though we love Zoe and like animals, neither Jason nor I are really dog people. We're too unpredictable and spontaneous--picking up and leaving town at a moment's notice. Kids certainly aren't welcome everywhere, but they can generally tag along more places than a pet. It's a challenge for me to remember to feed the frogs, let alone walk a dog. And then there are the allergies. I'm full of plenty of excuses. But looking at the photos of Talia and Zoe together, they all seem pale and lame. After all, this is the sight of joy.


Erin said...

Don't give in! It's way more fun to have a pet that isn't really yours. (I am not a dog person either, though.)

Anonymous said...

As dogs go, Zoe is exceptionally good natured and loveable. However, just when you think you can trust her ... look out! Although she has been "accident free" for months, yesterday afternoon she decided to "leak" on the dining room carpet. And guess who was summarily elected to clean-up duty (while Zoe watched with her tongue hanging out)? Maybe Zoe misses the Moab dust floor? On balance, I think Erin's comment above is accurate. Although Tally Wally surely loves to play with animals, it will inevitably fall to the parent to train, walk, clean-up after, and pay for the pet's needs. Think carefully before you choose to have your already full daily schedule adapt to the constant demands of the digestive system of even a loveable dog. -- Maybe later.