Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ummm... Next question, please.

During story time last night we learned that George Washington, while a man of great integrity, was most likely sterile. When the girls asked what that meant, I explained that he couldn't have any kids. Brooklyn retorted, "Of course he couldn't. He was a boy." When I replied that it actually takes both a boy and a girl to make a baby, her eyes opened wide with incredulity. "It DOES???!!! How???"

Ummm... Next question, please.


Kes LT said...

The World is now intrigued to find out the rest!

Erin said...

These are fun questions. I'm sure you handled it well. I have found that when they ask questions like this, they are not necessarily asking for every single detail. I might have said, "Well, there is a little piece of the mom and a little piece of the dad that come together to make a baby." Sometimes that is enough and sometimes they follow up with more questions. Every child is different in how much they want to know.