Friday, February 04, 2011

Punxsatawney Phil's Prediction

On February 2nd (Groundhogs Day) we explained to our daughters that Punxsatawney Phil had not been scared by his shadow; thus, spring was on its way. The joyful news was greeted with enthusiastic shouts of "Hooray!!! Spring!"

Early the next morning, Talia asked "Is it cold outside?" Opening the front door, she answered her own question with a chilly "brrr" before continuing, "But I thought it was spring?"

Alas, some things must wait. Fortunately, she hasn't had to wait long here in St. George. Currently it's a sunny 58 degrees outside. Earlier today, I loaded the younger kids in the bike trailer for a long cycle to go see the ducks. Afterward we ate our lunch out on the trampoline before lying down for naps with the sun streaming in through the windows.

Gosh, I feel spoiled. In the past, I've always disliked February. Despite its being the shortest month, its gray skies and cold damp seemed to linger forever. I guess I'll just have to remember February's beauty when the brutal August heat scorches St. George for a full 31 days.

In the meantime, we send our warmest wishes to the many of you who are stuck in the midst of ice and snow. If you need a little motivation to get moving, check out Run Swim Bike Cook 2001, co-hosted by my fabulous sister-in-law and the Mother Runner. The goal is to finish an ironman triathalon over the entire month of February while creating new dishes using the superfood of the week. In the past, I've managed to run, swim, and cook, but this year I'd like to tackle it all.

(BTW: you should never compose a bragging post like this one. Before even posting it, daughter number one came down with a bad headache and a fever. So much for our dreams of hiking!)


Erin said...

We had snow this morning, but it's supposed to be 60 tomorrow. I guess winter is short in Texas.

I'm going to attempt some of Run Swim Bike Cook this year. Probably the running and the cooking, but we'll see how it goes:)

Julie L said...

In February I totally understand why so many of my ward members are living down south for the winter! Yeah, it's snowing here today and tomorrow and next week as well. Hope you don't have bad illnesses hitting your family. Check for strep.

Chou said...

Oh, it sounds lovely. I'm enjoying our snow piles, and looking forward to more. :)